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Create a receipt on actual thermal paper background with this free receipt generator.
Online receipt template allows you to fill in your own information quickly and easily. Includes 2 separate tax fields, up to 5 items, business slogan, payment method, return policy... Intended as a fun novelty image creating tool for forum or blog use, our fake receipt generator actually makes receipts accurate and authentic looking enough for business use. To print, just save the completed image and print it as you would with any image, on normal white paper. Your printer should allow you to add registration marks to aid in final cutting of the printed receipt. To give your printed receipt an even more authentic look, do the top and bottom cuts by tearing against a medium or coarse hacksaw blade screwed to a board. Slide the receipt under the blade, then put pressure on the blade and pull up sharply on the paper from one end to give it a very authentic look. Or you can use the tear strip from an old tinfoil box for a similar effect at little or no cost. Can't afford or don't need an expensive POS system for your small business? This free online receipt creator works just like the real thing.


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In order to implement SSL and https on a website, an SSL certificate must be purchased. That SSL cert is typically only valid for a single domain name. Some do not allow even the www prefix to be used with the domain name. This means that www.fakereceipt.us and fakereceipt.us would require the purchase of 2 separate SSL certificates at a cost of about $100 each per year. If the website uses subdomains to organize it's content, an extended wildcard SSL certificate must be purchased at a cost of $350 to $400 per year per domain. In addition to the SSL certs, each website or domain also requires it's own IP address at an additional cost of about $10 per month. All of this is on top of the $50 to $200 per month basic cost of hosting a website on a reliable server.

Although it is possible for a website to offset some server fees and other costs by running advertisements, many small websites that provide free content for simple entertainment or educational use simply cannot afford the unnecessary high cost of purchasing a separate SSL certificate and IP for each domain name or website they operate. Most websites only earn a few dollars each month from advertising and many would have to close down if forced to implement https and SSL.

Https and SSL are really not as effective as most people have been led to believe. The US governments own spy agency, the NSA, has repeatedly proven this over the past several years by intercepting and decrypting internet traffic that was thought to be secured by these methods and protocols.

Websites like facebook, and many browsers that require the remote site to have https enabled and have "authorized" SSL certificates installed before connecting, are actually harming many small websites and hobby websites and causing them to fail. Those hobby websites are really what helps to keep the internet free, and in many cases they are the launching point for bright new innovations and ideas that help evolve the internet. If facebooks creators had been forced to fork over several hundreds of dollars a year for SSL certs and additional IPs in it's very early days, just to open a website, it's doubtful it would even exist today.

Browser warnings you may encounter advising you not to proceed when a website uses a self signed SSL certificate are very excessive and misleading. These browsers assume that you Must trust third party "Certificate Trust Authorities" to tell you a site is safe. I personally don't trust these CA's and neither should you. Several high level breaches have occurred in recent years that proves this. There is a largely unknown alternative system that tracks and verifies the use of SSL certificates without the excessive prices charged by so called CA's. It does this through a (free) decentralized network of trust servers which compares data and results over time to ensure accurate results. Perspective Plugins are currently available for firefox and chrome.

If you still insist on using only https, remember the harm it does to the free internet and technical innovation from small webmasters/programmers, and don't bother complaining when corporations marketers and data miners begin to control all that you see and experience on the web.

If you'd like to know more, do a web search for "ssl is a sham" or "ssl is a scam"

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