Fake Receipt

Create a receipt on actual thermal paper background with this free receipt generator.

To print these receipts, just save the completed image and print it as you would with any image, on normal white paper.

Your printer should allow you to add registration marks to aid in final cutting of the printed receipt.

To give your printed receipt an even more authentic look, do the top and bottom cuts by tearing against a medium or coarse hacksaw blade screwed to a board.

Slide the receipt under the blade, then put pressure on the blade and pull up sharply on the paper from one end to give it a very authentic look.

Or you can use the tear strip from an old tinfoil box for a similar effect at little or no cost.

How to Cut Receipts

Tear Strip Jig for Receipts
Here's a simple method for giving your fake receipts a more authentic look. A small board with a hacksaw blade screwed to it makes an inexpensive jig for tearing receipts to give them the same top and bottom edge that an older receipt printer would produce. Slide the receipt under the hacksaw blade and position the receipt so that the blade's teeth are on the line where you want the receipt cut. Put pressure on the blade and pull the paper up towards the teeth quickly from one corner. A medium or coarse hacksaw blade will work best. You can also use the tear strip from an old tin foil box. Just pull the receipt down over the tear strip firmly and quickly to make the receipts ends look like the real thing.

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