About Fake Receipt

Why does such a thing exist?

Back in 2002, I moderated a very large forum with members numbering in the hundreds of thousands.This was in the very early days of the internet before Google search was widely accepted or very useful. All of the users of that forum would share images and links they found scattered around the internet. (kind of like facebook but without all the hate and greed) Many interesting items came from various hobby websites, and there were many more of those hobby websites turning out all kinds of interesting ideas in those days. One of the favorite images that was shared very often was a fake sex shop receipt. You know, lingerie, edible panties, sex toys, etc. The idea was that you could print out the receipt and use it to embarrass your buddies by placing it where a girlfriend or parent might find it. It was a novel idea but rather limited as you couldn't change the name of the store or the product type to use it for other gags. When I began programming PHP and working with images a year or 2 later, I decided to create a real fake receipt generator to address the shortcomimgs of the sex shop reeceipt generator. Thus the first real generic "fake receipt" generator was born. We had some fun with it on the forums for a year or two and then it got forgotten and sat in a dusty corner of the server for quite a few years. When I created a new site map several years ago, the fake receipt generator was again included and Google eventually picked up on it and included it in it's search results. Recently I began to see a sharp rise in the number of visitors to that page and so I decided to start updating the page and the backend software. As with all things on the web, any page or service has to pay for itself or fall into oblivion, and the earnings from that page were rather dismal due to the way Google and advertisors rank the traffic visiting the site the fake receipt generator was originally located on. Since this is a very useful application that still receives many valid requests, I've now moved it to it's own website and begun the first of many upgrades to make it even more versatile and useful to a whole new generation of internet usersl. Due to it's popularity, there have been a few copycat softwares released recently, some in fact using our own images and designs without permission, but this is still the one and only Original Fake Receipt Generator. During the next year, I hope to evolve this website to include more receipt choices and more professional receipt options so that it also appeals to businesses and sellers looking for a simple portable method of creating professional receipts. Of course I won't forget that it started as a just for fun item either. There will always be a slightly cheesy older version of the fake receipt generator available just for gags ;)

Q: Isn't there legislation against create a fake receipt or make a program to create them?

A: Not at all. There are many valid reasons why you might want to create a receipt using this application. Fake receipts can be used in a humorous setting such as a forum or blog post, or they might be used as an example image in an article or lesson. A seller may need to create a quick receipt for a customer without the expense of purchasing an expensive POS (Point of Sale) terminal. It only becomes a problem if you attempt to use a fake receipt to defraud someone and for that we take no responsibility. The way you use any tool like this is entirely up to you.

Q: Didn't that gay New York restaurant waitress Dayna Morales use something like this to try and create a big fuss?

A: No. That particular fake receipt was probably created using Photoshop or some other image editing application to alter the original receipt.

Q: Can I just use my own computer and printer to make receipts?

A: Yes, absolutely! There are many programs and "apps" available that will allow you to design and print your own unique receipts on your computer or high end mobile device. You can even go all out and add a store logo and barcode. Most programs will only allow you to create one store profile or one receipt style, but you can simply install multiple programs if you need more than one receipt style. To make really authentic looking receipts you will need a POS (Point of Sale) receipt printer to output your receipts on the proper paper. Many different types of receipt printers are available new or used and most are quite reasonably priced.

Q: Why doesn't this website use https or ssl?

A: We simply don't require ssl here and don't believe it's cost effective or secure. See this page for more information.

Q: How do we deal with spam bots and harvestors on our receipt maker forms pages?

A: We have several functions in place to detect non human behaviour. We capture the real IP addresses of suspected spam bots and review it against a list of previous spam bot visits before accepting form submissions. We then update our server access and deny lists to prevent any further access from those IP's. To see the list of IP's currently blocked for non human behaviour, click here. You can copy the data shown at the top of the page into your own htaccess to significantly reduce spam bot activity on your website.

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